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We know having a bad credit rating can be a very stressful time, and in the Nine Years we’ve been helping people just like you, we’ve created systems and processes to melt your stress away, remove all traces of your bad credit, and let you focus on the things you’re good at while you let us do the things we’re really good at! I think that sounds like a match made in Heaven, don’t you?


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I love making these calls to our clients whenever I can – It’s so satisfying to hear the sighs of genuine relief when I say, Hi “Bob”, just a quick call to let you know it’s done…

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Almost One Third of our clients get the good news in just 7 days or less… That’s just one more reason to choose MyCRA Specialist Credit Repair Lawyers like so many others have before you…

Judgment Removal by MyCRA Lawyers
Default Removal by MyCRA Lawyers
Enquiry Removal by MyCRA Lawyers
Graham Doessel | MyCRA Lawyers | Chief Executive Officer

Graham Doessel[fusion_text][/fusion_text]MyCRA Lawyers[fusion_text][/fusion_text]Chief Executive Officer

“I believe the credit reporting system in Australia is grossly unfair to good honest Australians that may have run into a bit of chaos at some point.

Even if you’d committed a serious crime, you’d still get to defend yourself before being convicted, but a creditor can default you, effectively sentencing you to five years Hard Labour in ‘Credit Prison’ where you are completely stuck with little to No Options or chances to move ahead Unless MyCRA Lawyers comes to your rescue. 

Since 2009, I have made it my personal mission to help as many people as I can get ‘Early Release’ and where possible, a ‘Full Pardon’ by proving you should never have been sentenced (defaulted) in the first place!

We achieve success in more than 9 out of 10 cases so call my team now onand tell us why you’d like to be the next MyCRA Specialist Credit Repair Lawyers Success Story – I look forward to meeting you soon!.”

– Graham Doessel

If  You Need A Better Credit Score,  Then Congratulations You’ve Come To The Right Place!

Your Defaults, Judgments, Enquiries & Other Black Marks Can Be Successfully (and Permanently) Deleted – FAST by our Specialist Credit Repair Lawyers 

Leaving You With Clean Credit, An Amazing Credit Score, And The Second Chance You Need (And Deserve) to Regain Your Financial Freedom.

Perhaps You Should Pick up the Phone Right Now And Speak To One Of My Friendly Team on 1300 667 218

Because as the CEO, I Personally Guarantee That Just By Discussing Your Credit Repair Needs With My Specialist Team At MyCRA Lawyers, You’ll Walk Away With A Better Understanding Of:

  • Your Genuine Options; and
  • What You Can Do By Yourself (for free); and
  • How MyCRA Lawyers Can Do Everything For You (Leaving You The Time and Focus To Get On With Your Life).

“Extremely pleased with service from MyCRA Lawyers. They’re fast, very efficient, wonderfully friendly and take the extra trouble to properly explain what everything means. Knowing I have an extremely high credit score is reassuring, should I ever need it.”

Earl, Ref: 5374

“What a great experience! They found two listings that should not have been on my report and cleared them off in a timely fashion. Throughout the process, communication was constant so I was never left wondering where my case was up to. End result was both listings removed from my credit file so now I can proceed with buying my home! Special thanks to Irana and Kristina, they were fabulous to deal with! Highly recommended!”

Nelson, Ref: 4401, 4402

“To Kristina, Nathaniel, Anthony, and all the guys and girls of MyCRA Lawyers, and finally Graham.
Thank you for all the months you’ve endeavored to find me a smoking gun. Esp. Kristina…”

Adrian, Ref: 3699

“Hi Team,
I would like to thank you for your hard work to have this removed. It has been easy working with your team and I will happily recommend your services.”

Daniel, Ref: 4729, 4730

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