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Everything we do, everything we believe, is about challenging the status quo, challenging their thinking, challenging their why.   The way we challenge their status quo, challenge their thinking and challenge their why is by asking the hard questions, digging deep to unearth the answers, and putting you first. It's in our heart, it's in our soul, it's our passion, to do all that we can do to see you feel the joy of the second chance that you've been crying out for, screaming silently inside for help, but fearing rejection through uncertainty. Let us guide you, let us take you by the hand and lead you in the direction of your future, where you can walk tall, stand proud, as you deserve to stand, up for yourself, with clean credit.
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Here’s What A Few Previous Clients have Said

Thank you Very much for your prompt handling of this matter. Thank you also to Corey who saved me a lot of to and throw (billing minutes) by quickly accessing my file for an up to the minute update, supported by ‘NOW’ emails regarding progress, including clear understandable trust account billing.

I found it very refreshing get have an ‘off the record’ frank discussions drawing on the experience of the team to be absolutely golden! I I was able to carry on with business, rest assured My CRA Lawyers had everything under control.

MY CRA Delivered in time and on budget.

Top Job Guys!!

I will gladly recommend MY CRA Lawyers to family and friends in the future.

Awhina - WA
Thank you so much for a great service that was professional and very prompt.
Jess - Qld
Thanks a lot for stellar results on the client I referred Friday.

Credit Card Default from a trigger happy major was removed in 3 days.


Sean - NSW
I would like to inform you that, after spoken to you yesterday, I called Veda and they told me that my credit default has been removed. I also ordered for my new credit report and indeed the Optus default listing was not there, plus my credit score went up 546 – 716%.

I Just want to thank you guys for following up.

Thank you

Joseph - WA
I contacted MyCRA Lawyers after being off work with an injury.
It started by missing a couple of small payments, power, phone then an existing loan I had.
Still unable to return to work, things started to compound exponentially and before I knew it I started getting calls from up to 3 different debt collectors 5 times a day.

I felt powerless to do anything about it and decided to give Graham Doessel at MyCRA Lawyers a call. Within the first week Graham and his expert team had completely removed the $1000 debt but more importantly, the default listing from VEDA. Their high success rate of removing defaults, combined with their extensive knowledge of debt collectors not adhering to certain rules they must follow means the defaults can be removed quicker than you would expect.

I would certainly recommend their services, and can’t tell you how satisfied you feel when the burden is lifted.

Stefan - Qld

If you already know you only want MyCRA Lawyers to help you, please call 1300-667-218 to get started today.  OR

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Brad talks to Mycra Lawyers Chief Executive Officer, Graham Doessel

Brad had his default removed in just 25 days from start to finish.

Brad – SA

I would sincerely like to express my thanks for all your work on clearing up my credit file. I thought I would have to wait another 5 years to get a home-loan, but in the end it was all cleared up quite quickly. I cannot express how impressed I am at the speed of your service, especially in this day and age where paperwork tends to get lost and put to one side. I can now move forward with my life knowing my credit file will not hold me back!

Here’s Why Hundreds Of Other People Just Like You Also Chose MyCRA Lawyers

  • It could have something to do with the fact that we are Australia’s only Law Firm that is 100% focused and dedicated to investigating and removing your bad credit default listings.


  • OR
  • It could be they knew that if they chose anyone else, that they’d be choosing an imposter and not the Genuine MyCRA Lawyers.
  • It could be our historical success rate of up to 91.7% (more than 9 in 10 means there’s more than a fair chance that when you choose MyCRA Lawyers that you’ll have the success you want and need).
  • It could be because of our team of dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic Lawyers, Paralegals and Support Staff, People like Lauren.
  • But really, it’s probably likely to be all of that. Most people want to be able to trust the people they are dealing with and there is so much negative press about all the clients being ripped off by dodgy credit repairers – It’s freaking Scary! (have a look at this to see some of the rubbish they are up to).

Bad Credit v Clean Credit Mortgage Comparison Calculator 

See for yourself exactly what the difference will be (and how much you’ll actually save) between a clean credit mortgage and a bad credit mortgage with MyCRA Lawyers “Bad Credit Vs Clean Credit Mortgage Comparison Calculator“.

Click to Calculate
Clean Credit Vs Bad Credit Martgage Comparison Calculator

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 Have you got a recent copy of your credit rating?

Improve Your Credit Score With MyCRA Lawyers | 1300667218For urgent matters, try our credit file analysis package which gives you:

  1. Your credit report from 2 credit reporting bodies; being
    1. Veda Advantage; and
    2. Dun & Bradstreet; and
  2. Our comprehensive credit file analysis and explanation; and
  3. All sent to you within just 1 business day (but usually delivered and explained while you’re still on the telephone).

Call one of our friendly team right now on 1300-667-218 for a no obligation chat to see if you qualify, and how MyCRA Lawyers can help you.

Click Here To Order Your Free Credit Report. (takes a full 2 weeks)

Historically, We Have Been Successful In Up To 91.7% Of Cases

That gives you a better than 9 in 10 chance of success…

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