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How To Go From Embarrassment To Puffed Up Confidence In Small Business Borrowing

 Five Simple Steps TO Fix Your Small Business Bad Credit MyCRA Lawyers | five simple steps to clean credit | 1300 667 218 How To Go From Being Too Embarrassed To Apply For Finance For Fear Of Rejection In Your Small Business - To The Power, Strength & Certainty Of Being Able To Say No, To Too Many Finance Offers! - In Five Simple Steps! Historically, We Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners Often Tend To Put Ourselves Last. This Is How We Survive The Hard Times. I know that I personally [...]

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Home Buyers On $80,000 p/a Have Borrowing Capacity Slashed By 42% Under Suggested Changes!

The following story on ABC suggests someone on $80,000 PA will have their home loan borrowing capacity cut by 42% to just $195,912... (see original story here) Hmmm... Is this the biggest bag of BS you've ever seen or what? A mortgage of $195,912 over 30 years at 3.99% has repayments at approx $929.84 per month, $11,158.08 per year or (and  here's the kicker), average weekly repayments of just $214.58! Can anyone tell me where you can get rent in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth etc, at $214.58 per week? People have the [...]

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Credit Enquiries  – And How They Affect Your Credit Score

Credit Enquiries  - How They Affect Your Credit Score (And How Just One Particular Credit Enquiry Can Be Very Bad News For Your Finance Application)  By now, you might have heard that your credit application can be declined for a variety of reasons such as Insufficient income or assets, or excessive expenses, and debts. It’s also commonly known that defaults, court judgments, and court writs can also cause your loan application to be declined. But there’s another sinister demon lurking amongst your credit score – deeming you a high [...]

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Legal Services Commission or Board QLD – NSW – ACT – VIC – TAS – SA – WA – NT

Contact Your Legal Services Commissioner or Board In Your State Below, you will find links to the Legal Services Commissions or Boards in all States and Territories of Australia. Queensland Queensland Legal Services Commission New South Wales NSW Office Of The Legal Services Commissioner Australian Capital Territory ACT Law Society Victoria Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner Tasmania Legal Profession Board Of Tasmania South Australia Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner Western Australia Legal Practice Board of Western Australia Northern Territory Law Society of Northern Territory Legal Services Regulators in [...]

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Unqualified Legal Work Finished – Now To Just Refund All The Fees Charged And Pay All The Fines Imposed By The Court

Unqualified Legal Work Finished - Now To Just Refund All The Fees Charged And Pay All The Fines Imposed By The Court "I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that diverse dates between the 14th of March 2010 and 30th of May 2011, at Bundaberg in the State of Queensland, Henry McKee did, contrary to section 24(1) of the Legal Profession Act 2007 engage in legal practice when he was not an Australian legal practitioner." "BENCH: Upon the finding of guilty, you are formally convicted of each offence. Each [...]

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What Sort Of Work Constitutes “Legal Work”? Expanded

What Constitutes “Legal Work”? (EXPANDED CASE NOTES) DEAN -v- LEGAL PRACTICE BOARD [2015] WASC 260 (7 August 2015) Mr Dean was found to have engaged in legal work for a Mr McCarthy by: “advising him in connection to Family Court of Western Australia proceedings that he was involved in, advising him to initiate an application for the annulment of his marriage, advising him to lodge a caveat in respect of the former matrimonial home and drafting correspondence to be sent to Mr McCarthy's wife in connection with the [...]

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What Sort Of Work Constitutes “Legal Work”?

What Sort Of Work Constitutes "Legal Work"? Regardless of how you describe what you do, if you have an expertise beyond the average person in legal matters and offer to use your knowledge and skills to help someone, that may well be legal work. The type of work concerned can range from providing advice and writing letters, up to attending court. Summary The test for whether work is legal practice is the nature of the work itself, not how it is described by the person doing it.  [...]

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Do Credit Repair Business Claim To Provide Legal Services?

Do Credit Repair Businesses Offer To Provide Legal Services? OPINION:  They Say No, But The Facts Speak For Themselves... See  Specific Examples Below  - taken from various Credit Repairer websites (See HERE for Fines & Penalties in other cases) Chelsea Planning and Consulting Pty Ltd, t/as Credit Fix Solutions http://creditfixsolutions.com.au/ Is Legal expertise or Credit Repair expertise claimed? “Talk to an expert” “Our Director, Victoria Coster, has over 10 years experience in the credit, finance and legal industries.  She has the ability to quickly remove unfair defaults and court actions, [...]

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Why Credit Repair Work Is, By Its Nature, Legal Work (and thereby reserved for lawyers)

Why Credit Repair work is, by its nature, legal work (and thereby reserved for lawyers) By claiming expertise in Credit Repair and offering to help with a specific client’s needs, Credit Repair businesses offer legal services. Whether they are legally allowed to is another question. By Patrick Earl & Graham Doessel (See HERE for Fines & Penalties in other cases) There are indicators as to what constitutes “legal Work” Expertise/ knowledge in legal matters The person offering to perform the service must either claim or be assumed to have a [...]

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‘I Am Not A Lawyer And [I] Do Not Give Legal Advice’ said the ad – OH YES YOU DO, said the Court

'I Am Not A Lawyer And [I] Do Not Give Legal Advice' said the ad - OH YES YOU DO, said the Court The Supreme Court found that the advertisement constituted an offer to perform legal work. The WA Courts have found that an ad on Gumtree offering “… some help to guide you through the Court System …”, was legal work. … [if] the persons giving such advice possess legal skill and a knowledge of the law greater than that possessed by the [...]

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