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Loans For People With Bad Credit Don’t Need To Be So Expensive


Loans For People With Bad Credit Don't Need To Be So Expensive... With Just A Few Simple Actions, You Can Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year In Reduced Interest! Firstly, you should think about why you are searching for a loan for people with bad credit... Loans for people [...]

That’s The Problem With So Called ‘Credit Repair Companies’


That's The Problem With So-Called 'Credit Repair Companies' Coercion, intimidation, lying, and worse still, almost no comprehension! Firstly, you should understand the background that got me so annoyed, I felt the need to write this article. Dodgy and Shonky 'credit repair companies' are hurting consumers Yesterday, I was [...]

Regulators Slam Dodgy Credit Repairer


Regulators Slam Dodgy Credit Repairer1 After an exhaustive enquiry into complaints of misleading and deceptive conduct, regulators have acted to fine a Dodgy credit repairer 500 Penalty Units ($90,000).2 The types of practices investigated have been widely discussed by organisations including the Consumer Action Law Centre, the Credit Repair Industry [...]

Credit Repair With Full Money Back Guarantee


MyCRA Lawyers, Now Known As The #1 Credit Rating Correction & Repair Law Firm In Australia Now Also Offering You A 'Full - 100% Money Back Guarantee'1 That's right, No Risk! - Zero, Zilch, Nada, None... If we can't get your creditor to agree to remove your [...]

Free Comprehensive Will Kit Promotion


Yes - Bad Credit Can Be Erased Yes - Up-To 91.7% Removed Yes - People Just Like You And Now Just For Enquiring, We'll Give You Our Comprehensive Will Kit Valued at $EXPIRED.00 (But for a very LIMITED Time) Just fill in your details below and one of my [...]

Mike Goldman


Mike Goldman is very busy these days with his new movie "Killing Goldman" and just like you, Mike had an unfair default listed on his credit rating. Mike had a default listed by a phone company that was not only unfair, but upon investigation also unlawful. If you would like [...]

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