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The Christmas credit risks you need to know about

5 Reasons why the Christmas season is the time you are most at risk of damaging your credit rating As credit repairers, our busiest period is in the first few months after Christmas. Clients come to us desperate for help to remove the negative listings from their credit files that are causing them to be refused home loans, car loans, personal loans and even mobile phone plans. At this time it is heads down and tails up for our team as we plough through the many cases we receive. Before this time, [...]

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Bill to fight global cybercrime coming in New Year

The war on global cybercrime and identity theft continues... The Government’s Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 is set to be passed through the Senate in the New Year, according to reports from The Australian Newspaper ‘Australia to join global anti-cybercrime fight’ today. Attorney-General Robert McClelland told a Council of Europe meeting yesterday in France that the Government’s Cybercrime Bill will have the “endorsement of Parliament in the new year,” "For our part, there is no doubt that once Australia has taken the necessary steps to provide for accession to the Convention on Cybercrime, [...]

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The identity theft victim’s guide to recovery

Have you been locked out of your Facebook account? Fallen for a request to give over personal details to a fraudster? Or had that horrible sinking feeling when you realise someone has been taking money out of your bank accounts? Or perhaps as was recently the case in W.A., you may have had a property sold from underneath you while overseas? These are all forms of identity theft in varying degrees. Someone steals your personal information in order to set up a fake identity for the purposes of using your good name, [...]

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Top 25 worst internet passwords 2011 – is yours on the list?

Here is the list you need to read - the top 25 worst internet passwords for 2011. That’s the 25 most frequently used passwords which are most commonly successful in gaining entry into other people’s internet accounts. If you would like to prevent identity theft and credit file misuse, scan this list, and if your password is on it, please invent a stronger one. ‘Splashdata’, a Californian company which sells security services and password software has created these rankings based on millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers. 1. password 2. [...]

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Can official Australian documents be forged to commit identity fraud?

It is estimated identity theft costs Australia $1 billion per year.* When identity theft damages the victim’s credit rating – it is because the fraudster has been able to overtake credit accounts, or has gained access to enough personally identifiable information from the victim to forge new identity documents. This gives the fraudster access to credit cards, loans, even mortgages which allows them to extract significant amounts of money from the victim without them realising it straight away. If credit accounts are not repaid – after 60 days the credit file holder [...]

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September Lending Finance Statistics, ABS

  The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its September Lending Finance figures today – showing a continued small percentage rise in finance numbers.   SEPTEMBER KEY POINTS   SEPTEMBER 2011 COMPARED WITH AUGUST 2011: HOUSING FINANCE FOR OWNER OCCUPATION  The total value of owner occupied housing commitments excluding alterations and additions rose 0.8% in trend terms and the seasonally adjusted series rose 0.7%. PERSONAL FINANCE  The trend series for the value of total personal finance commitments rose 0.2%. Fixed lending commitments rose 0.6%, while revolving credit commitments fell 0.3%.  The seasonally adjusted [...]

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Interest rate cuts no help for millions of Aussies living with credit file defaults

Home loan rates were reduced on 1st November, but for millions of Australians who are living with defaults on their credit file, they will be hit with $22,867.15 (1) more in home loan repayments over the first three years of the loan. The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut interest rates for the first time in more than 2½ years, lowering its key cash rate by 25 basis points to 4.5 per cent. Many big banks have already passed on the reduction, potentially saving the average householder about $49 per month. We talk [...]

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Thousands of Christmas flights won’t be honoured

Media Release 4th November 2011 Australian travellers may be left stranded at the airport holding bogus airline tickets at Christmas time after suffering at the hands of scammers. A government agency has warned Australians about cheap flight deals through fake travel websites which have travellers believing they have purchased legitimate airline tickets, but all they have done is been skimmed of their money and left vulnerable to identity theft. With a current warning issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's SCAMwatch website (www.scamwatch.gov.au ) for flight booking scams, a national credit [...]

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Bad credit ratings forcing people out on the fringe

If people need access to money – and quickly – there are a number of options. Whilst many people may not be able to walk in to a bank and withdraw from their savings, they could use their credit card, extend their mortgage or take out a personal loan to cover that unexpected expense. But what about the over 3.47 million Australians (Veda Advantage - 2009) who are living with a negative listing on their credit file - also known as a ‘bad credit rating’? When times get tough, many of these people [...]

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New credit reporting laws could see millions of people refused home loans

The Federal Government is preparing to roll out its new credit reporting laws. Its comprehensive credit reporting system will allow lenders more access to a potential borrower’s credit information – but the move to positive credit reporting could disadvantage millions through allowing late payments to be noted on Australian credit files. This new aspect to credit reporting virtually ensures there is no room for error with consumers or creditors when it comes to loan repayments or people may face a bad credit rating. The Government proposes to bring in  ‘repayment performance history’ to [...]

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