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Bad Credit Rating Removal Case Study

Client Profile:

Listing Type: 
Original Creditor:
Current Creditor:
Paid / Unpaid:
Listing Amount:

Panthera Finance

Commenced work:                          21/02/2018
Default Resolution:                        23/03/2018

Credit Repair Background:
The default occurred when Katrina and her former partner were facing financial difficulties due to a failed business venture and, as a result, many expenses were then being attributed to her CBA credit card, which over the years, continued to grow. Katrina separated with her former partner in 2012, approximately the time she was contacted about the overdue payments. Katrina did make some payments but she did not manage to bring the account up to date during that time.

What were any challenges with the creditor?
The creditor responded to our Law Firm requests in a timely manner.

Why was the listing removed?
MyCRA Lawyers sent an initial request letter to Panthera Finance and upon further review, they agreed to remove the default listing.

Katrina was referred to MyCRA Lawyers by her mortgage broker. She needed the default removed as she is looking to apply for home loan. The listing was the direct result of the time she was having financial difficulties with a failed business venture. MyCRA Lawyers managed to negotiate the successful removal of her bad credit default listing in 30 days. Katrina can now move forward financially. Congratulations Katrina and good luck!

Katrina’s* name has been changed to protect privacy

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