Senate Enquiry Into Credit Repair In Australia [email]

Hi, The [credit repair] Senate Enquiry into "Credit and financial services targeted at Australians at risk of financial hardship" just concluded its Brisbane Public Hearing and our Legal Practitioner Director Patrick Earl was in attendance. MyCRA Lawyers 80 page submission to the Senate Enquiry (Go to this link, then page 4) is summed up on page one of our submission. "Our fundamental submission is that credit repair work should be recognised as legal work by its very nature. Consequently, it would be reserved for lawyers, thereby being regulated in each state by [...]

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Sally’s Story – How Can A Genuine Default Get Removed? – Did You Know Series 104

I was asked a question in a Closed Facebook Group this morning asking, How Can A Genuine Default Get Removed? and when I tried to answer the question, my post kept crashing my browser, so I decided to post it here and share the link instead. Fiona's [actual] Question: "How does it [a default] get removed from the credit file if it was a genuine default and not fraud? I understand if it is an error etc." Here's the answer I tried to post but the browser kept crashing, I guess [...]

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When Credit Is Refused – (legislation) – Did You Know Series 101

Welcome to "When Credit Is Refused" in the MyCRA (Specialist Credit Repair) Lawyers "Did You Know" Series. This series of Hints, Tips, and (Legislation) Snippets will Reveal The Truth behind Credit Reporting Legislation, Privacy Legislation and Credit Repair. You will discover: ways you can help your clients (without the need to engage us) ways clients can help themselves Pitfalls to avoid Tip 101 (Legislation) When Credit Is Refused "Where a Credit provider (CP) obtains credit reporting information about an individual from a Credit Reporting Body (CRB) and, within 90 days of obtaining that information, [...]

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Refund By Unlicensed Credit Repair Agency

Do You Want A Refund For Money You Paid To An Unlicensed Credit Repair Agency? It is MyCRA (Specialist Credit Repair) Lawyers view that all credit repair work is legal work (see VAN DER FELTZ -v- LEGAL PRACTICE BOARD [2017] WASC 2 ) and if a consumer was to make a complaint to the appropriate Authority that they'd paid money for ***unlicensed legal work (***any credit repair work where a solicitor/law firm was not engaged directly by the consumer), they may be entitled to a full refund, regardless of the outcome [...]

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Brokers!  Are you referring clients to unlicensed Credit Repair Agencies?

Brokers!  Are you referring clients to unlicensed Credit Repair Agencies? Click the image below to play the video Why Brokers MUST NOT Refer Their Clients To Unlicenced Credit Repair Agencies Credit repair is a recent phenomenon emerging in Australia, with many unlicensed credit repair agencies popping up offering all sorts of commissions to Brokers who refer clients with bad credit histories. However, unless your credit repairer is a *licensed legal practitioner you will not be covered under Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance. MyCRA Lawyers is a Proud National Sponsor [...]

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WARNING – Why You MUST NOT Refer Your Clients For Credit Repair

WARNING - Darren Loades Of Insurance Advisernet Explains Why You MUST NOT Refer Your Clients For Credit Repair To A Credit Repair Agency Why Brokers MUST NOT Refer Your Clients For Credit Repair If You're A Finance or Mortgage Broker or Professional Adviser, Then You Must Read Why You MUST NOT Refer Your Clients For Credit Repair Darren Loades (Expert Mortgage Broker PI Insurance Adviser) explains why you must not refer your clients for credit repair services through a credit repair agency. In this short (edited version of a [...]

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MyCRA Lawyers Formal Written Referrer Agreement

MyCRA Lawyers Referrer Agreement Please complete the online Automated Written Referral Agreement below to become/remain compliant. After you've completed this form (once only), you can then refer your clients via our  90-second simple online referral form, or by email, or by calling 1300 667 218  for a quick chat about your client’s scenario, or to pass on your client’s contact details while you’re on the road… MyCRA Lawyers Online Referral Agreement You can then refer your clients via our 90-second simple online referral form, by email, or by calling 1300 667 [...]

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3 Quick Easy Steps To Automatically Save Your Text Messages To Your Google Drive

3 Quick Easy Steps To Automatically Save Your Text Messages To Your Google Drive MyCRA Lawyers Helps With Compliance Issues | 1300 667 218 These simple apps will make meeting your compliance obligations so much easier... What if I could show you one of the simple methods I use to make sure our Credit Repair Law Firm remains compliant - and you get it for nicks! Hi,  I'm Graham Doessel and I'm known for being the CEO of MyCRA Lawyers, Australia's first and only Specialist Credit Repair Law Firm. [...]

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Federal Court Today Orders Credit Repairer (Jordan Malouf & Company) To Pay $1.7 Million

Federal Court Today Orders Credit Repairer Pay $1.7 Million Court Orders Jordan Malouf & Co To Pay $1.7 Million (Credit Clean Australia is just one of his trading names)  JORDAN MALOUF - UPDATE - $1.1 Million Payable To Victims Described In Court As "Vulnerable Members Of Society" In the Federal Court on Monday, 23 April 2018 Justice Derrington ordered Jordan Malouf and his company Malouf Group Enterprises (“MGE”) to pay a total of $1.7 million as a result of a complaint by the ASIC and ACCC. For a summary [...]

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How To Go From Embarrassment To Puffed Up Confidence In Small Business Borrowing

 Five Simple Steps TO Fix Your Small Business Bad Credit MyCRA Lawyers | five simple steps to clean credit | 1300 667 218 How To Go From Being Too Embarrassed To Apply For Finance For Fear Of Rejection In Your Small Business - To The Power, Strength & Certainty Of Being Able To Say No, To Too Many Finance Offers! - In Five Simple Steps! Historically, We Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners Often Tend To Put Ourselves Last. This Is How We Survive The Hard Times. I know that I personally [...]

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