What Is A Court Judgment

What Is A Court Judgment? Do you really understand: What is a Court Judgment How a court Judgment is entered What ISN'T a Court Judgment (and why you should know) Who can enter a Court Judgment Who can apply to have a Court Judgment entered Why would a Court Judgment be applied for How does a Court judgment affect you How to remove a Court Judgment Keep reading to have these questions answered...   Q.   What is a Court Judgment? A.      Judgment (from Butterworth's Australian Legal Dictionary) The determination of a [...]

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Do You Have Too Many Enquiries On Your Credit File

Did you know that too many credit enquiries (online credit card application & loan enquiries etc.) can stop you getting your home loan? Q. What is a credit enquiry? A. A credit enquiry can be generated whenever you actually apply for a form of finance or credit. Q. How many credit enquiries is too many credit enquiries? A. That depends on the type of finance you are applying for. We do know though that as little as 3 credit enquiries can stop you being approved for your home loan. Q. Do I [...]

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3 Top Myths About Credit Repair

The 3 Top Myths About Credit Repair That You Need To Know! There’s a lot of Mis-Information circulating about credit repair so here is your chance to uncover the genuine facts about Credit Repair In Australia. 1.     Defaults Can’t Ever Be Removed Bad Credit can only come off your credit rating in 2 ways: They will Automatically ‘Expire’ after a set time Defaults 5 Years Enquiries 5 Years Bankruptcy 5 Years Clear-Outs 7 Years Late Payments 2 Years Judgments 5 Years You discover that your creditor has made mistakes when listing the [...]

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Nov 2014 UPDATE – 4BC MyCRA’s Graham Doessel and Privacy Commissioner Tim Pilgrim Interview

Below is the original story and Live Radio interview where Graham Doessel and Tim Pilgrim were both interviewed on Brisbane's 4BC Radio Well a lot has changed since then and one of the biggest changes is the move away for the ludicrous listing a client if they are one day late to the not quite so idiotic listing of a client if they are just 14 days late in making a payment. Do you have a bad credit rating now as a result? Are you sure? Do you want to check for [...]

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New Study Reveals Bad Credit Is Making You Fat

A recent small scale study revealed having a Bad Credit Rating could be making you FAT Small Scale Study Reveals Bad Credit Makes You Fat   We all know that too much takeaway can make us fat and increase the chances of health problems like heart disease, diabetes and so but did you know that having bad credit could also make you fat? A recent small survey showed the effects of having a bad credit rating could indeed cause you to feel depressed which has been shown to be related to [...]

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How to get a copy of your credit report in Australia

 Are you in strife with credit or think you might have bad credit? Or do you just want to check what’s being said about your credit habits? With Australia’s new credit reporting regime now in place, it’s really important to regularly check your credit file to make sure it is accurate and up to date. We explain the important things you need to know about getting your credit report and the different ways you can access your credit file information in Australia. By Graham Doessel, Non-Legal Director of MyCRA Lawyers www.mycralawyers.com.au. You [...]

ATO Scam Alert June 2013

Here is a new ATO Email Scam i received this morning. This one tries to lure you into giving up valuable Identity and Credit Card information under the ruse of you receiving a refund from the Australian Taxation Office. Normally it is very clear in the in the address that the scammers want you to go to that these things are scammers though they are getting cleverer. This SCAM actually has the correct ATO onlineservices website as part of the web address and many people may be suckered into thinking it was [...]

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Did You Know No.96

Did You Know #96 There are more than 3 Million Australians currently with 1 or more Black Mark(s) on their Credit File, affecting their ability to gain finance to achieve their goals of buying a home, investment property, a new car or to tidy up some financial loose ends. Are you one of the 91.7% that could have the black mark(s) erased - permanently?

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