Did You Know No.96

Did You Know #96 There are more than 3 Million Australians currently with 1 or more Black Mark(s) on their Credit File, affecting their ability to gain finance to achieve their goals of buying a [...]

Did You Know No.95

Did You Know #95 Even with a CLEAR Credit File, Squeeky Clean History and Stable Income… you will be declined finance for Mobile Phones, Store Cards and Credit Cards … etc. IF you [...]

Did You Know No.94

Did you know #94 A default will stay on your credit file for 5 years from the date of listing and a Clear-out will stay on your credit rating for a full 7 years… (unless removed)

Did You Know No.90

Did you know #90 There are around 16.5 MILLION [UPDATE 19.5 million] credit files with Veda Advantage [UPDATE Now Equifax] Рthe largest credit reporting agency in Australia РIt is [...]

Did You Know No.89

Did You know #89 As a consumer, if you’re behind in your repayments or your bills, your creditor MUST send you a letter and give you 30 days to catch up…

Did You Know No.88

Did You Know #88 You must be 60 days behind in your payments or bills before your creditor or mobile phone company can put a black mark on your credit rating…

Did You Know No.87

Did you know #87 There could be as many as 8,000 pages of legislation to look through to find any errors made by your creditor when they listed you with bad credit