Did You Know No.85

Did you know #85 If your creditor (mobile, credit card, loan, electricity company etc) has taken you to court for not paying - it is likely you have a Court Writ or Court Judgment recorded on your Credit Rating... (Yes we removed those too... :-) )

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Did You Know No.83

Did you know #83 That if you pay your bills by BPAY that the money will often come out of your account the same day BUT take up to 4 business days to reach your creditor? (This could leave you exposed by the new laws that came in (14/12/2012) which will see a notation added to your credit rating if you are even ONE day late)

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Did You Know No.81

Did You Know #81 If you are refused credit or finance as a result of your credit rating, the credit provider MUST tell you IN WRITING: (i) that the application has been refused; and (ii) that the refusal was based wholly or partly, as the case requires, on information derived from a credit report relating to that individual that a credit reporting agency has given to the credit provider; and (iii) the name and address of the credit reporting agency; and (d) notifying that individual of his or her right under this [...]

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Did You Know No.80

Did You know # 80 (There are laws to protect you.. ) A credit provider that is or has been in possession or control of a report must not disclose the report or any personal information derived from the report to another person for any purpose unless certain conditions are met. A credit provider that intentionally contravenes subsection (1) is guilty of an offence punishable, on conviction, by a fine not exceeding $150,000

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Did You Know No.79

Did you know #79 Choice did a survey that revealed "1 in 3 credit ratings have mistakes..." These mistakes may be ruining your life AND can be repaired... We find that virtually every default we have taken on has been added incorrectly and can be removed.

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Did You Know No.77

Did you know #77 If you're a small business user of telecommunications services, you may be able to bill your telco for loss of business arising from events that relate to the provision or supply of those services

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