Did You Know No.83

Did you know #83 That if you pay your bills by BPAY that the money will often come out of your account the same day BUT take up to 4 business days to reach your creditor? (This could leave you exposed by the new laws that came in (14/12/2012) which will see a notation added to your credit rating if you are even ONE day late)

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Did You Know No.81

Did You Know #81 If you are refused credit or finance as a result of your credit rating, the credit provider MUST tell you IN WRITING: (i) that the application has been refused; and (ii) that the refusal was based wholly or partly, as the case requires, on information derived from a credit report relating to that individual that a credit reporting agency has given to the credit provider; and (iii) the name and address of the credit reporting agency; and (d) notifying that individual of his or her right under this [...]

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Did You Know No.80

Did You know # 80 (There are laws to protect you.. ) A credit provider that is or has been in possession or control of a report must not disclose the report or any personal information derived from the report to another person for any purpose unless certain conditions are met. A credit provider that intentionally contravenes subsection (1) is guilty of an offence punishable, on conviction, by a fine not exceeding $150,000

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