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MyCRA Lawyers Is Offering Up To Five Lucky Clients The Chance To Have Their Bad Credit 100% Removed Pro Bono... That's Right, If You Have A Bad Credit Rating, Apply Below For Your Chance To Have MyCRA Lawyers 100% Remove Your Bad Credit Rating Default, Pro Bono, Absolutely Free... Firstly, you might be wondering why MyCRA Lawyers would be publicly offering to do something for free that they get paid to do every day of the week...   MyCRA Lawyers Pro Bono credit repair - apply now... Well, [...]

NAB Says If You’re In These Sydney Suburbs, You’re Likely To Be Defaulted

NAB Says That If You're In these Sydney Suburbs, You're Likely To Be Defaulted... "Statistics, Lies & More Statistics"! Thank goodness I live in Brisbane... Phew! NAB believes that just because you live in a particular Sydney suburb, that you're more likely to be defaulted. Veda Advantage also lower your credit score based on your suburb. Isn't this the basis of discrimination?   NAB have published an article listing the top 34 Sydney suburbs they believe are likely to default on their mortgages. Do you live in one of these 34 [...]

Loans For People With Bad Credit Don’t Need To Be So Expensive

Loans For People With Bad Credit Don't Need To Be So Expensive... With Just A Few Simple Actions, You Can Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year In Reduced Interest! Firstly, you should think about why you are searching for a loan for people with bad credit... Loans for people with bad credit don't need to be so expensive | Call MyCRA Lawyers for options | 13000 667 218 What are you needing the loan for? Do you really need it now? Can it wait a couple of weeks? Do you [...]

That’s The Problem With So Called ‘Credit Repair Companies’

That's The Problem With So-Called 'Credit Repair Companies' Coercion, intimidation, lying, and worse still, almost no comprehension! Firstly, you should understand the background that got me so annoyed, I felt the need to write this article. Dodgy and Shonky 'credit repair companies' are hurting consumers Yesterday, I was asked by one of our paralegals, to listen to a telephone call between her and a very cranky creditor (we’ll simply call them ‘Creditor’ to respect their privacy).  Our team member had never previously experienced this level of unprofessionalism from a [...]

Regulators Slam Dodgy Credit Repairer

Regulators Slam Dodgy Credit Repairer1 After an exhaustive enquiry into complaints of misleading and deceptive conduct, regulators have acted to fine a Dodgy credit repairer 500 Penalty Units ($90,000).2 The types of practices investigated have been widely discussed by organisations including the Consumer Action Law Centre, the Credit Repair Industry Association of Australasia and the Credit & Investments Ombudsman. If you feel like you are in Bad Credit Rating prison, call MyCRA Lawyers on 1300-667-218 for help now. This is the type of headline I have wanted to see for a [...]

Credit Repair With Full Money Back Guarantee

MyCRA Lawyers, Now Known As The #1 Credit Rating Correction & Repair Law Firm In Australia Now Also Offering You A 'Full - 100% Money Back Guarantee'1 That's right, No Risk! - Zero, Zilch, Nada, None... If we can't get your creditor to agree to remove your default, you will get your money back.2 A 100% - Full Refund! It Only Takes A Couple Of Minutes For You To Hand Over All Your Worries To Us:  We'll Look After You... Our #1 priority is you, our client. [...]

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Are You One Of The Up To ¹91.7% Of People We Can Help To Erase Your Bad Credit Rating So You Can Get Lower Interest Rates And Better Finance Offers - Keep Reading To Find Out How You Qualify... For the first time ever, you can now get your credit rating repaired from the mega low price of just ²$EXPIRED all up - Fixed Fee ³No More To Pay! And you get it done by a Law Firm specialising in Credit reporting Legislation. ³And you get [...]

Case Study $1,242,385.00 Unpaid Westpac Bad Credit Default REMOVED In Just 4 Days

Bad Credit Rating Removal Case Study Client Profile: Client Profile: Name:                        Elisa State:                         VIC Sex:                           Female Age:                           40 Married/Single:         Married Listing Type:              Default Original Creditor:       Westpac [...]

MyCRA Lawyers Easy Start Fixed Fee Credit Restoration Service

Bad Credit Defaults Erased - Start Today From Just $497 MyCRA Lawyers Can Help You Get A Good Credit Score -  Call 1300 667 218 to get started now. Yes, by now you probably already know that most of the clients we take on have an up to 9 in 10 chance of having their default(s) removed. You probably also know that there are other so called credit repairers out there that make lots of claims with little to no substance to qualify their claims - just lots of reports [...]

TESTIMONIAL: Dr Kamal Zgheib Thanks MyCRA Lawyers For Erasing His Bad Credit

Dr Kamal Zgheib had a default that was proven to be placed unlawfully and was then removed in less than a month. Click the video below now. Here's the Transcription:   Hello Kamal speaking good afternoon Kamal, Graham Doessel from Mycra Lawyers in Brisbane, how you going? I’m good, good thank you. How are you? Good, Do you have a couple seconds? Yes,  I do actually have a patient in my room, I’m just printing something for him, just one moment. Ok thanks Ok, so [...]