Clear Credit Solutions Pty Ltd (Clear Credit) Of Coffs Harbour
Pays $21,600 ASIC Infringement Notice For False & Misleading Claims

Clear Credit Solutions Fined $21600 By ASIC for False & Misleading Claims

Clear Credit Solutions Fined $21600 By ASIC for False & Misleading Claims

If you overstate your business’s abilities or claim plaudits that you cannot justify the ASIC will happily take you to task and put you to expense.

In November 2016 Clear Credit said it was “voted Australia’s most trusted credit restoration service”.  ASIC was unable to find (or be provided) evidence of that vote having had occurred.

In March 2017 Clear Credit asserted in its scripts that by simply reviewing a consumer’s credit report it could decide whether or not it could remove negative listings.

Presumably, the assertions were overly confident because it is generally only after reviewing the actual credit file and the records leading up to the recording of the default, that errors can be identified to enable the default to be removed.

Sometimes it can be clear that a default can be removed, for instance if it is statute barred, but further investigation is required for most matters.

Because every matter is different and turns on its own facts, categorical guarantees of success are impossible.

The ASIC found the comments by Clear Credit to be misleading and deceptive and issued to infringement notices which resulted in Clear Credit paying $21,600 in penalties.

Patrick Earl
Senior Solicitor

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