Court Judgments CAN Be Removed From Your Credit Rating

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You may have heard recently, that Court Judgments cannot be removed from credit files since Veda Advantage (now Equifax) changed the rules in May 2015.

Veda Advantage (now Equifax) Did Change The Ruled BUT
Judgments CAN Still Be Removed From Your Veda (now Equifax) Credit Rating When You Choose MyCRA Lawyers! 

You may have heard recently, that Court Judgments cannot be removed from credit files since Veda Advantage (now Equifax) changed the rules in May 2015.

One of the things you’re really going to love about MyCRA Lawyers is that, because we are a Law Firm, and we actually know the law, we were not affected by Veda’s (now Equifax) changing the rules, and this means MyCRA Lawyers Still Removes Court Judgments From Credit Files.

We even tell you how we do it in our blog about Judgments.

If anyone is telling you Judgments can no longer be removed from credit ratings, RUN away from them as fast as you can… Keep reading as we expose yet another unqualified dodgy ‘credit repair company’.

[contact-form-7 id=Before we go any further, can I address the ‘elephant in the room’.  
You are probably sitting there reading this email, thinking about all of the conflicting information you receive from ‘credit repair companies’ telling you, you can do this, you can’t do that and it really gives you the… ‘shivers’.

It is very simple.  Some of these ‘credit repair companies’ actually fluke a number of successes, but they are neither legally qualified nor legally competent in consistently helping your clients.  

Seriously, if you were charged with a crime unfairly, would you go to ‘crime clean’ or ‘we fix crime’ or ‘crime wash’ or ‘crime repair Australia’? No, you would do the smart thing and seek out a good Lawyer that comes with recommendations and a proven track record in helping their clients overcome these injustices.

Are You Risking Your Reputation?
So why are you risking your professional and personal reputations (not to mention your professional indemnity insurance cover)? 

I’m not going to tell you that you should only refer your clients to MyCRA Lawyers because that is something you need to do, only when you have weighed up all of the risks, and come to that safe decision yourself.  

You have PI insurance.  Do these ‘credit repair companies’ have PI Insurance to protect your clients? – If something goes wrong because they’re not legally qualified to provide these legal services, who is your client going to try and sue?

You have a legal requirement to meet certain legal compliance standards.  Do these ‘credit repair companies’ meet any statutory minimum legal compliance standards at all?

MyCRA Lawyers regularly removes defaults that dodgy credit repair companies took money for, and told the consumer that the default could not be removed.  What they were saying it seems, is that THEY (the dodgy credit repairer), did not have the requisite skill or intention or commitment to do the legal work actually required to successfully remove the default.

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Are You Guilty Of Misleading And Deceptive Conduct?
You are probably aware of the consequences of making misleading and deceptive claims.  The ACCC is not someone you want to have Auditing your every move.  Yet these ‘credit repair companies’ seem to laugh in the face of the regulators.  Here’s another example.

A video was uploaded this month by a ‘credit repair company’ that claims to be ‘Australias Leading Credit Repair Company’. This self-proclaimed ‘leader’ claims to be an expert in credit repair and attempts to interpret the legislation and attempts to give legal advice to vulnerable consumersIt’s Just Plain Wrong!

The image below was taken from a video uploaded by this ‘credit repair company’ this month.
The video refers to yet another DIY kit that provides vulnerable consumers with out of date and misleading and deceptive advice.


Out Of Date Information.
The legislation referred to in the video above was replaced almost 2 years ago as indicated in the image below which was taken from tonight and which anyone competent in this area would know was repealed in March 2014.


You might want to ask yourself, if this ‘credit repair company’ wasn’t even aware the legislation was updated almost 2 years ago, what else might they be completely missing?

These are the risks you personally are subjecting your clients to, when you refer your trusting clients to these unqualified wannabe lawyers.  Can you afford to put yourself and your clients at this level of risk?  Do you know your Duty Of Care obligations?  Some serious food for thought.

If you want to be safe, and give your clients their best chance at a removal resolution, you might give some serious thought to only referring your clients to MyCRA Lawyers, and remember, Judgments CAN be removed from Credit Ratings.

Testimonial | MyCRA Lawyers | Credit Repair Experts | 1300-667-218

 “Thank you so much I will tell all my Doctor friends, family, and I will recommend them to you.”

“… for me impossible to get any loan, without your help …”

“… And Lauren Andrew, ahhh Phillip Anthony, Cory – they are all amazing, you know? I can’t tell you how beautiful the service was, it’s amazing, it’s changed my life. It’s changed my life and it’s saved me thousands of dollars because you know the bank wanted to give me 10% because of my credit file. My excellent, my credit history now, it’s back on track…”  Dr Kamal Zgheib – Qld

Thank you so much for a great service that was professional and very prompt.
Jess, Qld
thanks a lot for stellar results on the client I referred Friday. Credit Card Default from a trigger happy major was removed in 3 days. Impressive
Sean, NSW
I would like to inform you that, after spoken to you yesterday, I called Veda and they told me that my credit default has been removed. I also ordered for my new credit report and indeed the Optus default listing was not there, plus my credit score went up 546 – 716%. I Just want to thank you guys for following up
Thank you
Joseph, WA
Thank you very much for your prompt handling of this matter. Thank you also to Corey who saved me a lot of to and throw (billing minutes) by quickly accessing my file for an up-to-the-minute update, supported by ‘NOW’ emails regarding progress, including clear understandable trust account billing.

I found it very refreshing get have an ‘off the record’frank discussions drawing on the experience of the team to be absolutely golden! I was able to carry on with business, rest assured myCRA Lawyers had everything under control.

MyCRA delivered on time and on budget.

Top Job Guys!! I will gladly recommend MyCRA Lawyers to family and friends in the future

Awhina, WA
I contacted MyCRA Lawyers after being off work with an injury.
It started by missing a couple of small payments, power, phone then an existing loan I had.
Still unable to return to work, things started to compound exponentially and before I knew it I started getting calls from up to 3 different debt collectors 5 times a day.

I felt powerless to do anything about it and decided to give Graham Doessel at MyCRA Lawyers a call. Within the first week Graham and his expert team had completely removed the $1000 debt but more importantly, the default listing from VEDA. Their high success rate of removing defaults, combined with their extensive knowledge of debt collectors not adhering to certain rules they must follow means the defaults can be removed quicker than you would expect.
I would certainly recommend their services, and can’t tell you how satisfied you feel when the burden is lifted.

Stefan, Qld

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