Credit files (also known as credit ratings or credit reports) are created for every person18 years and over who has been credit active, or that has now or has had, an open credit account or loan.

Your credit report can indicate the potential success or failure of future loan, credit card and mortgage applications.

Basically a credit file or credit rating records information for the past 5 – 7 years such as repayment history, the size of debt and the forms of credit applied for.

From a consumer perspective, your credit report is possibly the most important part of your financial life when it comes to getting approved for loans or almost any other form of credit.

Your credit file is the single most important part of your mortgage application, as it is used to provide evidence of your credit history and how you manage your debt and repayments.

If you have Bad Credit on your credit rating, and if you were lucky enough to find a home loan lender to help you, you could pay as much as $17,000 in extra interest Every Year because of the bad credit.

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