What Is A Judgment?

A Judgment relates to court proceedings filed against you and the subsequent order made by a court that you owe a debt. The order becomes public record and the credit reporting bureaus upload the data directly from the courts onto their credit reporting  databases. You may also have other public record listings on your credit files including court actions and court writs. Judgments and court actions stay listed on your report for 5 years while court writs are listed for 4 years.

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What Is A Default?

A default may be listed on your credit file when you fail to meet your repayment obligations under your credit contract. A default will stay on your credit file for up to 5 years, but if you have a serious credit infringement, this may stay listed for up to 7 years.

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Is There Anything MyCRA Lawyers Will NOT Work On?

At the time of writing, MyCRA Lawyers work on removing any bad credit listing or enquiry other than Bankruptcy, Part IX, Part X, or Section 73 of the Bankruptcy Act or judgments listed by the Australian Taxation Office. If you need assistance with having a bankruptcy annulled or other help with your small business, we will happily refer you on to another Law Firm that can help you.  Please call 1300-667-218 for more details.

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How Long Will It Take To Fix My Credit Rating?

We aim to remove your default or bad credit listing in 30 days or less -  and with that said, while some files may take longer, our fastest ever removal was completed in only 18 minutes. We work to remove every default in the shortest possible time. Every file and situation is as unique as you are and we'll do everything we can to help you as quickly as possible.

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What Exactly Can MyCRA Lawyers Do For Me?

If you have bad credit, history says Mycra Lawyers can fix it for you in up-to 9 out of 10 cases MyCRA Lawyers cleans your credit files or credit rating to remove any unjust or unlawful black marks or blemishes. There are approximately 3 million people just like you with mistakes on their Australian credit reports. We help our clients by removing the contestable bad credit listings from their credit ratings. We do this by conducting a high level investigation and audit of your creditors files to identify legislative and or compliance breaches that [...]

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Will Paying The Default Amount Remove The Black Mark From My Credit Rating?

No, paying the debt will not remove the bad credit listing from your credit file. Your listing will ONLY be updated to “Paid” to show that you paid the overdue amount. If you have a Serious Credit Infringement (7 years), this listing will be downgraded to a default when paid. This then reduces the time listed to just 5 years from the original date the listing was reported. Your Bad Credit Default Listing can ONLY be removed when MyCRA Lawyers audits your creditor and proves they did NOT afford you your consumer rights - making [...]

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Where Do I Start?

Here’s Three Simple Steps To Get Started With MyCRA Lawyers To A Clean Credit Rating:Step 1.Firstly we need a copy of your Equifax (Formerly Veda Advantage) and Illion (Formerly Dun and Bradstreet) credit reports (We can get them for you with either a simple form, or while you're on the phone with us), so we can see exactly how many Bad Credit listings you may have, who listed them, and identify those you might be able to handle yourself if you wanted to.You can either get your credit reports yourself through the Credit Reporting Bodies [...]

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