What is an ‘Act’

A Bill that has been passed by the Legislative Assembly and presented to the Governor for royal assent becomes an Act on receiving that assent. At that point, the Act becomes a law of the State [...]

What are ‘Bills’

Bills are proposed laws introduced into the Legislative Assembly. If agreed to by the Parliament, they become Acts. In Queensland all Government Bills are drafted by the Office of the Queensland [...]

What Is A ClearOut?

A Clear Out is also known as a Serious Credit Infringement and will remain on your credit rating for 7 years. See Serious Credit Infringement for further details.

What Is A Judgment?

A Judgment relates to court proceedings filed against you and the subsequent order made by a court that you owe a debt. The order becomes public record and the credit reporting bureaus upload the [...]

What Is A Default?

A default may be listed on your credit file when you fail to meet your repayment obligations under your credit contract. A default will stay on your credit file for up to 5 years, but if you have [...]

What Is A Credit File?

Credit files (also known as credit ratings or credit reports) are created for every person18 years and over who has been credit active, or that has now or has had, an open credit account or loan. [...]

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