Where Do I Start?

Here’s Three Simple Steps To Get Started With MyCRA Lawyers To A Clean Credit Rating:Step 1.Firstly we need a copy of your Equifax (Formerly Veda Advantage) and Illion (Formerly Dun and Bradstreet) credit reports (We can get them for you with either a simple form, or while you're on the phone with us), so we can see exactly how many Bad Credit listings you may have, who listed them, and identify those you might be able to handle yourself if you wanted to.You can either get your credit reports yourself through the Credit Reporting Bodies [...]

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How Much Does It Cost?

Our clients prefer to know exactly what they need to invest before they get started. So we created a very simple Fixed Fee Guarantee. You pay just one low fee into our Legal Trust Account, and that's all you'll pay to have MyCRA Lawyers use all of our Legal Power and Might to investigate, audit and uncover all the legislative and compliance breaches to prove your bad credit listing is unlawful, and require its immediate removal. We can quote you a fixed fee just as soon as we can take a look [...]

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