## Your Default or Judgment Removed
Or Money Back! ##

But only for new clients starting before the end of January 2017 
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This sort of Legal work is subject to many variables, including the cooperation of your Credit Provider and other relevant authorities.  Only MyCRA Lawyers Guarantee that you will be successful in having your defaults removed.  

From 9 am Jan 9 2017, to 5 pm Jan 31 2017, We *Guarantee we will get you a removal resolution or money back!
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And even though our seriously impressive, independently audited, successful removal resolution rate is at an unmatched high of 91.6% (or 9 out of 10 clients get success), and we aim to have good news for you within 15 working days (29.4% of removal resolutions are achieved in just seven days or less),  some files do take longer to negotiate.

Worst Case

You’ll get money back. Given our 91.6% successful removal resolution rate, your success is virtually Guaranteed.

– We can absolutely guarantee if you do nothing, nothing will change…


## * See the terms and conditions for more information