Thank you for looking to better understand why it is that you should trust and partner with MyCRA Lawyers.

  • TrustYou might be looking for more and better ways to add value to, and better serve your clients.
  • You might be look to do this while adding a tidy little additional revenue stream to your bottom line.
  • You might be looking to partner with a fellow professional that (like you) has the legal right and qualifications to advise your clients.
  • You might have looked at the idea of credit repair before only to be left gun shy by the cowboys with little to no formal qualifications.
  • Or you might just be plain curious to learn more and make an educated decision based on the facts.

Whatever your reason, the fact that you are still reading says that you do want to know more so let’s get into it…

MyCRA Lawyers is an Incorporated Legal Practice based in Stafford, just north of the Brisbane CBD in Queensland and because we’re based outside the CBD, many of our clients and referring partners just like you have found us both more affordable and more approachable than some of the much larger firm with very high overheads.  This is further enhanced by flexible payment and fixed fee options for your clients.

Maybe you haven’t noticed all those clients that need a second chance yet.  In the days and weeks ahead you might begin to identify more of your friends and clients that might have just hinted, or come right out and told you they have had issues, arguments and ‘discussions’ with their creditors.  Many clients have had bad credit because of:

  • Arguments with their Telecommunications provider over the bill
  • A bad relationship split where he/she thought she/he was paying the bill (and no one did)
  • A family member running up a huge mobile bill and hiding it from Mum/Dad until they paid it off (not quick enough to avoid a default)
  • The Energy Company not sending the bill to the new address even though you asked them to disconnect and reconnect at the new address
  • A debtor not paying you and you not being able to pay your creditor
  • Being out of work for a few months
  • A death in the family and all focus was on the family
  • Hospitalisation for a time that meant you got behind with the bills
  • Not being offered or extended hardship provisions

MyCRA Lawyers will advocate on behalf of you and your friend or client if you believe the bad credit default listing has been placed on the credit rating in error, unfairly, unjustly or any of the circumstances outlined above.

The credit reporting system, while some say flawed and is in need of improvement, is still a valuable tool and needs to be there to catch-out ‘serial defaulters’ that understand and abuse the system.   Because of this and other factors, not all clients will qualify for MyCRA Lawyers Credit Restoration Services.  We will however, assist you by making a determination, and usually within one business day of having received the appropriate information.

There is no magic pill and not all clients will be successful in having all of their defaults removed and while we have possibly the best reputation in the country when it comes to Credit Repair, some clients may pay their fees, and not get the results they’d hoped for.partner

Defaults can only be removed if it is evidenced by MyCRA Lawyers that the creditor

  • has not afforded your client their consumer rights
  • has made a mistake in listing the default
  • has breached the (up to) 8,000 plus pages of legislation surrounding and important to Credit Reporting.

Isn’t it nice to know that people build stronger relationships with their friends and clients just by helping them

You’re a professional and you value integrity, your clients expect honesty and want you to tell them if they have credit repair options

Fully consider this  – One of our (now regular) referring Firms told us that one of the senior partners spoke to a client we’d helped and the client (name withheld) said that they thought they’d be stuck with the bad credit rating for 4 more years and were seeking advice how to access non-conforming loans.  They didn’t want to have to pay what they thought were criminally high interest rates and were beside themselves with the fear of not being able to borrow, and possibly losing their business.  Their Finance Professional stepped in and suggested they investigate credit repair as an option.

The clients did their own research to validate the referral and decided to trust MyCRA Lawyers and before too long were able to restructure, refinance and expand their business, and all at prime rates with a clear credit rating – and all of this because of the referral they received.  You can only imagine how strong the bond is between client and professional is now.

If you want to partner with MyCRA Lawyers to help you to add value to your existing and future clients, Call Nathan Gough in our Stafford Office on 1300 667 218 to get the process started today.

Thank you again for taking the time to discover why more and more finance professionals just like you choose to trust MyCRA Lawyers as their preferred Credit Repair Partner.


With warmest regard
MyCRA Lawyers


Graham Doessel
Founder, CEO &
Non Legal Director