How To Avoid Clawbacks

By James Veigli

No broker likes having their hard-earned money clawed-back, so here’s my 3-step Clawback Reduction Formula – which you can use to reduce and even avoid clawbacks. As a bonus, this formula will help you maximise your referrals and repeat business at the same time. [more…]

How To Generate Leads From Your Advertising

By James Veigli

I’ve seen A LOT of sales ads and websites over the years – the good, the bad and the ugly!!

Before writing this article, I jumped on the net and ‘googled’ dozens of Mortgage Broker websites from around Australia… just to see what you are all doing with your website marketing. I also pulled out my file of Mortgage Broker ads too! [more…]

 How To Maximise Referrals From Your Clients

By James Veigli

Referrals, referrals, referrals. We all want them, we all get them, but very few brokers truly harness the power of client referrals through an on-going strategic plan designed to maximise their referrals.

Notice the key word “strategic”, because let’s get one thing clear right off the bat: simply providing great client service, handing out a few business cards and then sitting back hoping for referrals is NOT enough in the race for maximum referrals. [more…]

The Multi-Step Sales Strategy!

By James Veigli

The key to leveraging your time is the use of a multi-step sales strategy.

When a car gets built, instead of handing all the responsibility and parts to ONE person and telling them “ok build me a car!”… an assembly line is used, where a GROUP of people each do their part to build the car. The car flows down the assembly line and at each step (or station) the car gets closer to completion – and eventually you have a fully built car ready to drive away. [more…]

 How To Effectively Integrate Cross-Sells In Your Business

 By James Veigli

Cross-selling is not a dirty word!

In fact, it is your biggest opportunity to diversify your income, increase profit and bullet-proof your client base, by offering complimentary products and services that will ultimately help your client in a more complete way.

Isn’t that why we are here, to help people? [more…]