Nov 2014 UPDATE – 4BC MyCRA’s Graham Doessel and Privacy Commissioner Tim Pilgrim Interview

Below is the original story and Live Radio interview where Graham Doessel and Tim Pilgrim were both interviewed on Brisbane’s 4BC Radio

Well a lot has changed since then and one of the biggest changes is the move away for the ludicrous listing a client if they are one day late to the not quite so idiotic listing of a client if they are just 14 days late in making a payment.

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Another change in the legislation that you probably already know about is that a Bankruptcy only stays on your credit report for 5 years now and not 7…  Great news for those doing it tough…

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ORIGINAL UPDATE – (The day after the interview)

Yesterday, Graham Doessel, founder and CEO of MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs was interviewed along with the Privacy Commissioner, Mr Timothy Pilgrim on 1116 News Talk 4BC.

4BC MyCRA and Privacy Commissioner Interview

Graham took calls from listeners and explained what Will and Will NOT happen as a result of the new Credit Laws.

Privacy Commissioner Tim Pilgrim argued that adding a listing of every client even one day late is GOOD for credit reporting as…

[listen to the audio]


Click HERE to read the original story

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