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When you add your details in the referrer section at the top and your friend or client’s details beneath that, both you and MyCRA lawyers team will be emailed a copy of your referral.

Your details will then be automatically tagged to your client.  This’ll mean (as long as your client authorises us) we can keep you fully up-to-date and ensure your client is returned to you with a squeaky clean, shiny new credit file so you can write their loan.

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Upload Your Clients Credit File If You Have It.

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Thank you for the privilege of helping your friend or client.

My team and I will treat your referral the same way we’d expect you to look after one of our friends if we sent them to you.


Many of our referrers want to refer multiple clients at the same time.  The best, and easiest way for you to do that, is for you to call our friendly team right now, and we’ll take all the details immediately over the telephone.  The best number is 1300-667-218.

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