Here’s the video testimonial we got today from Belinda Smith who had a very hard time.
She was trying to get Veda Advantage, The Office Of The Information Commissioner and the Creditor themselves to remove the default but with zero success.

She had given up.

Click the video below to hear her story. (There are captions if you can’t hear it where you are now…)

Here’s the transcript…


Hi, my name is Belinda.

I have recently had a default lifted from my name by MyCRA Lawyers.

We went for a bank loan, and it got rejected because of the default. I rang the company that placed the default to see if this was true and in fact it was.

I spent the next 12 months, making phone calls, emails, contacting Veda, contacted the Australian Information Commissioner in Sydney – nobody could help. I could note get my default lifted – we had given up hope.

Our financial broker suggested that we gave MyCRA Lawyers a call. I cannot express my gratitude to the team at MyCRA Lawyers. They’re understanding.

Graham Doessel, the CEO of MyCRA Lawyers, rang me many times, discussing my default, and when that phone call came from him personally, to say that my default had been lifted, I can’t express my emotions at that moment. There were tears, there was laughter, there was – it was just an overwhelming feeling. So I would like to say thank you, for all their hardwork.

If you need a lawyer for any reason, or a default or any other reason you might need a lawyer, give MyCRA Lawyers a call. See if they can help.

But I would just like to say a big thank you. Thank you for helping us, and thank you for letting us, now we can move on. So thank you.



If Bad Credit is still making your life difficult and you want help removing it, Call MyCRA Lawyers now on 1300 667 218

Click the play button below to hear the (slightly edited) version of the phone call between Graham Doessel and Belinda Smith as Graham tells Belinda that her default has been removed.



Congratulations Belinda… πŸ™‚

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